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Are you looking for custom color t-shirts to buy in bulks that aren't bland and ill-fitting? We have just the thing for you!

Comfort Colors has paved the way for durable t-shirts that are soft and affordable. Your next line of custom t-shirts will benefit from their wide array of blank t-shirts. 

They come in many different styles for all fits and genders, as well as a variety of colors for any scheme. 

Keep reading to learn all about why you need to try Comfort Colors t-shirts. 

History of Comfort Colors 

Comfort Colors' t-shirts have been a favorite among custom business merchandise shops and small business t-shirt makers. Their unique dyeing process and an array of colors to choose from make them stand out. 

For more than forty-five years, Comfort Colors has been perfecting the most comfortable shirt. The most comfortable shirt feels familiar, soft, and never too tight. They've made them just like that. 

Beyond t-shirts, Comfort Colors also makes sweatshirts, tank tops, hoodies, and long sleeve shirts. These blanks have become go-to's in the industry because of their high-quality fabric and comfortable fit. 

Comfort Colors t-shirts are dyed after they are stitched together. This process known as garment-dyeing allows for ultra-soft t-shirts that are beautiful in color. Because of this, they will never shrink in the wash. 

Each piece of clothing made by the brand is made to fit you perfectly and last for years. Their high-quality stitching increases their product quality in a way that is rarely seen in the industry. 

Comfort colors spent decades selecting the best materials to create these shirts. Even the threads that stitch the fabric together are great. They provide exceptional colors and fabrics that last.

What makes Comfort Colors T-Shirts different

1. The Fit 

Comfort Colors' perfect fit is unmatched. It is perfectly relaxed while still being flattering to any body type. You can stay comfortable while still looking stylish. 

Their material is thicker for a luxurious, high-quality feel. The larger fit ensures that you will have no awkwardly tight areas. If you prefer a tighter fit, consider sizing down or consulting a Comfort Colors sizing chart. 

2. The Quality

All Comfort Colors t-shirts use ringspun cotton as the fabric. Ringspun cotton is an alternative to traditional cotton at a higher quality. 

The process of creating ringspun fabric begins with thinning strands of cotton and twisting them into yarn. The yarn is extremely soft and dense.

The final product has fewer imperfections than regular cotton fabric, and it's much more durable. Comfort Colors t-shirts use this process to create the best garments from the very beginning. 

Their chosen threads and garment-dyeing process only add to the unbelievable quality of these shirts. 

3. The Dye 

One of the key features of Comfort Colors' products is the garment-dyeing process. Their t-shirts are dyed as one of the last steps of production. After the garments have been spun and stitched together, it's time for dyeing.

They put the clothing inside a machine, such as a rotary drum or paddle machine. The machine moves the garments around for an even dye job.

This process is beneficial for many reasons, such as the following.

  • Environmentally friendly compared to other common dyeing methods
  • Allows for minimal abrasion to the garments
  • Creates smaller batches more quickly
  • Cost-effective for the supplier and buyer

Garment dyeing consistently provides beautifully colored shirts that are softer and shrink-resistant. You don't have to worry about ruining your shirts after one wash when you buy Comfort Colors t-shirts. 

Best Custom Color T-Shirts for Designs

While Comfort Colors tees look great on their own, they are also great to put your designs on. Their high-quality fabric and wide array of colors make them perfect for your custom t-shirt business or hobby. 

There are plenty of options to choose from when you look into custom color t-shirts. It will be difficult to pick just one. Here are some of our favorites to use when creating custom t-shirts. 

1. C1717 Heavyweight Garment-Dyed 100% Cotton T-Shirt


This t-shirt comes with more than fifty color options, and it's unisex! It is sure to please anyone with its super soft and thick fabric. Customers appreciate this shirt because it is sturdy and well worth the price. 

2. C3333 Women's Ringspun Garment-Dyed T-Shirt


The women's midweight ringspun t-shirt is currently available in four colors at a low wholesale price. It's also semi-fitted, which makes it a bit more flattering than the unisex options. 

3. C6030 100% Cotton Garment-Dyed Pocket T-Shirt


The pocket t-shirt gives a little more detail than the other shirts available. You can create awesome custom t-shirts with the left-chest pocket. This classic fit shirt is perfect for any outfit. 

4. C4017 Adult Midweight RS T-Shirt


The adult midweight ringspun t-shirt is incredibly soft and durable. Its unisex design makes it comfortable for anyone to wear. Even better, it should never shrink, so it will stay just the way you want it. 

5. C4200 Women's Lightweight RS T-Shirt


This lightweight t-shirt can be worn for any activity. Wear it on its own for breathable comfort in hot weather, or wear it with layers. Its soft material will keep you warm without looking bulky. 

Find Your Favorite T-Shirts

Comfort Colors t-shirts are popular for a reason. Their superior quality and low price point make them the obvious choice for custom color t-shirts creators.

Here at All Day Shirts, we are committed to providing tees of the highest quality to our customers. We want you to discover clothing that you can love for a long time. 

Shop our lineup of Comfort Colors today and find great savings with our bulk order discounts! 


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