Unique T-Shirt Fabrics: CVC, Ringspun Cotton and Tri-Blend


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Your designs are dynamic. Your printing processes are professional. When you're already selling an attractive, high-quality product, how else can you make the shirts you produce stand out?

You might consider investing in the feel and quality of the t-shirts themselves. There are several unique t-shirt textiles available that can completely transform the quality of your product. CVC, ringspun cotton and tri-blend are three unique fabric choices that can provide the upgrade you need to take your shirts to the next level and keep your customers coming back. 

Are you thinking about making the transition to printing on a unique fabric blend? Read on to learn the ins and outs of three of our favorites, as well as a few recommendations that can get you started. 

What Is Chief Value Cotton (CVC)? 

Chief Value Cotton, or CVC, is the blend to choose if you are looking for a soft feel, breathable weave, and ultimate durability. It is a 40/60 blend of polyester and cotton. 

CVC differs from your average cotton-polyester blend because of its higher than average cotton content. In the average cotton-polyester blend t-shirt, there is less than 40% cotton, and you can tell the difference by feel. It's known as chief value cotton because the higher cotton percentage makes it a more economical product to import and export.

It's most similar to another fabric on our list, tri-blend, but differs in one significant way. Tri-blend contains rayon in addition to cotton and polyester, making it more expensive. CVC allows you to provide your customers with a buttery soft texture without the luxury price tag, and you can pass those savings on to customers. 

The high cotton content in CVC shirts makes them more durable than average. Most can withstand multiple washes and a good amount of wear and tear. Even so, most customers remark on the soft and lightweight feel of the material. 

The combination of the two different fibers also allows CVC t-shirt fabric to take on an attractive and trendy heathered look. This provides dimension for your prints, adds overall visual interest, and signals a soft texture, even before you put it on. 

In essence, CVC is an ideal choice if you're looking to balance quality and value. The low price point allows you to keep costs down, while the high quality is attractive to customers. 

Our CVC Recommendations 

If you're ready to give your basic t-shirt an upgrade, we have a few recommendations that can get you started. Two of our most popular options come from Next Level and Bella+Canvas, which is due to their high value at this price point. 

Next Level Unisex CVC T-Shirt


The Unisex N6210 CVC T-Shirt from Next-Level is an ideal canvas for your vinyl and screenprinting projects. It features an attractive crew-style neckline with a subtle ribbed collar detail. If you are looking for breathability without sacrificing an overall professional look, this is a great shirt to try. 

Bella+Canvas Unisex CVC T-Shirt

Bella 3001 CVC

The Bella+Canvas Unisex CVC T-shirt is a budget-friendly option with high value in terms of style and comfort. This option boasts a popular heathered look in 55 attractive eco-friendly colorways. The shirt contains 52% Airlume cotton, which is about as soft as you can get at this price point. 

What Is Ringspun Cotton?

Ringspun cotton is ideal if you're looking for something that falls between CVC and tri-blend in terms of quality and general feel. Even so, it comes at a surprisingly affordable price point. Ringspun cotton is a higher-quality alternative to traditional cotton. 

The process of creating ringspun textiles involves thinning cotton strands and then twisting them into a fine yarn. The resulting fibers are dense but very soft.

This unique spinning process allows for longer strands with fewer imperfections. When compared to traditional cotton, it yields a more lightweight product with a soft hand. 

Furthermore, it's not uncommon for ringspun cotton to be "combed" during production. This means that the flaws in the cotton get brushed away, leaving only the sleekest material behind.

Ringspun shirts have a reputation for softening with each wash. Their notable durability means they can withstand a lot of washing.

The process of creating ringspun cotton is more time-consuming compared to processing traditional cotton. It also requires special equipment. This raises the price point compared to traditional cotton t-shirts.

Most agree that this higher price tag is worth it, however, as the increase in overall quality grants any garment a luxurious boost that's worth paying for. When you put ringspun cotton and traditional cotton side by side, you can not only feel a difference, you can see it. 

Our Ringspun Cotton Recommendations 

You can best see the difference in quality between ringspun and traditional cotton when you print on a 100% ringspun t-shirt. We offer several 100% ringspun options, including two popular and affordable styles from Comfort Colors and Gildan.

Comfort Colors Adult Heavyweight RS T-Shirt

Comfort Colors C1717

The Comfort Colors, C1717 t-shirt is 100% ringspun cotton, preshrunk, soft-washed and garment-dyed fabric; making a great choice to try out a heavyweight ringspun t-shirt in any of the 60+ available colors.

Gildan Adult Softstyle 4.5 oz T-Shirt

Gildan G640

You will notice the difference that 100% ringspun cotton makes when you feel the Gildan G640 Adult Softstyle T-Shirt. The ultrafine ringspun fiber makes this one of the softest options at this price point. It's a great option for nearly any printing process.

Gildan Womens Softstyle 45 oz Fitted T-Shirt

Gildan G640L

The Gilan Softstyle also comes in a women's fit, which is sleeker and more feminine. It has the same excellent construction, including the taped neck and shoulders and seamless collar. It is soft, sturdy, and imminently affordable. 

If you're looking to experiment with adding a women's style to your inventory, this is the perfect garment to start with. 

What Is Tri-Blend?

We've already written about the butter-soft hand and overall quality of tri-blend t-shirts, but there's always more to say about this contemporary blend. Tri-blend fabric has all the best qualities of CVC with the added benefit of an attractive and flattering fit and silhouette. 

The secret is in the three materials woven together to give this blend its name. The textile consists of 25% ringspun cotton, 50% polyester, and 25% rayon. 


Everything already mentioned about ringspun cotton applies to these shirts, plus a little bit more. They are uncommonly soft and lightweight, with added durability from the high polyester content. It's the final component - the rayon - that adds a unique element of luxury. 

Rayon is a thin fiber synthesized from plant materials, with the ability to take on the qualities of several high-end textiles. The thin construction holds up best when blended with other fibers. The combination dictates whether the fabric feels more like wool or like silk. 

In the case of tri-blend, the rayon adds an almost fuzzy texture and form-fitting stretch that makes the material, unlike any existing fabric. The only downside is that rayon is less durable, and will not survive quite as many washings as the sturdier CVC. Even so, the small, fine fibers will ensure that the shirt maintains its fit, even when washed. 

Aesthetically, tri-blend gives off a vintage look and dimension that is a perfect complement to many contemporary prints and designs. Because it looks as great as it feels, many customers claim that their tri-blend shirts have become their favorites and that they're more than worth the higher price point. 

Our Tri-Blend Recommendations 

If you are willing to invest in a product that will have customers remarking on the soft hand and attractive fit of your shirts, it's time to give tri-blend a try. Some of our favorite tri-blend products are by Bella+Canvas. They stand out because they have a polished and professional look, for casual Fridays or any day. 

Bella+Canvas Unisex Tri-Blend T-Shirt

Bella Canvas 3413

The Bella+Canvas 3413 Unisex Tri-blend T-Shirt comes in 52 colorways, including both heathers and solids. This makes it a versatile base for your most brilliant prints. The modern silhouette, retail fit, and unisex sizing make it one of the bestselling shirts in the uniforming industry. 

Bella+Canvas Women's Tri-Blend Short-Sleeve T-Shirt

Bella Canvas 8413

The unique blend of fibers means that your tri-blend shirt is sure to fit you better than any t-shirt you own. The Bella+Canvas 8413 Women's Short Sleeve T-Shirt brings fit to the next level with a form-fitting feminine cut. The shirt manages to make any frame look great while remaining lightweight and breathable. 

Shirts as Unique as Your Brand 

The unique blend that you choose will depend on your price point, printing method, and desired aesthetic. CVC, ringspun cotton and tri-blend each provide your customers with increased quality that is noticeable when compared to your standard cotton blend t-shirt. Giving one of these blends a try can elevate your offerings and will make your product memorable, providing an overall boost to your reputation. 

All of these options are available in the AllDayShirts online shop, where you can browse and compare fiber content, fit, and printing options. Take a look at our online shop to browse our complete collection. 


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