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Tri-blend shirts have not been around for a very long time. They appeared on the market about ten years ago. When T-shirt manufacturers began using this material, they weren’t sure whether it was going to take off. Tri-blends are more expensive to produce than 100% cotton fabrics. 

However, the texture and fit of this material make them especially desirable. The wearers realized that tri-blend fabric tees are often more comfortable and well-fitting than other materials. Brands saw that the material lends itself well to the printing process.

What Are Tri-Blend Fabric T-Shirts?

Tri-blend T-shirts are a garment made from 50% polyester, 25% ringspun cotton, and 20% rayon. Each of these materials brings something different to the table and offers a unique contribution to making the tee as soft and comfortable as possible.

  • Cotton

    Non-tri-blend shirts are usually made from simple cotton. Ringspun cotton is extremely breathable and makes for an awesome way to keep cool on hot days. The material is also super soft and prevents skin irritation for the wearer.

  • Polyester

    Many shirts also incorporate polyester because it makes a garment much more durable. Polyester is sturdy and resilient, which stops it from tearing or undergoing too much wear when worn often. It's often incorporated into cotton tees to give it longevity.

  • Rayon

    However, tri-blend shirts add a new element to the equation: rayon. The material is made from purified cellulose fibers that are incredibly soft and luxurious. It can't be used as a T-shirt by itself because it's too thin, but when combined with polyester and cotton, it makes for a super soft and comfortable garment.

Combining the Three Materials

At this point, you likely are wondering how exactly these three materials are blended together into the perfect fabric. It's actually a pretty simple process—fibers of each of the three materials are carded, combed, and blended in a manufacturing facility.

The fibers are separated into loose strands and the material is taken off the picking machine and placed into a loom. These looms are usually not operated manually but rather are automatic. They spin the material into a large piece of fabric that is then cut and sewn into tri-blend tees.

How Do They Feel Different From Other Fabrics?

You're already used to the sturdy, thick, semi-hard feel of a cotton/polyester T-shirt. Adding rayon to the mix makes the fabric much softer. While the shirt will still be durable, it will be slightly fuzzier and stretchier than the alternatives.

Tri-blend tees are extremely comfortable for this reason, but also because of their weight. While cotton/polyester blends are slightly heavy and can feel too thick on warm days, tri-blend shirts are much more lightweight and airy. They're perfect for going out in the sun or heat and even for exercising.

To make the most out of this wonderful feeling, we recommend Bella Canvas tees. A unisex tri-blend top and its v-neck counterpart are the perfect way to stay comfy during any season. You can also get this texture in deep v-neck, racerback tank, and women's fitted styles.

Benefits of Tri-Blend Fabric

As you might imagine, there are a lot of benefits to soft, comfortable T-shirts. Some of the biggest advantages include:

  • Smooth, silky-soft feel that the wearer will feel good in
  • Smaller fibers that stop the shirt from shrinking in the wash
  • Keeping the wearer cool and dry while they're active (because of breathability)
  • Doesn't feel heavy when wearing it (as other tees might)
  • A stylish and beautiful vintage aesthetic that turns heads

Printing on Tri-Blend Tees vs Other Shirt Fabrics

Printing on a tri-blend shirt will look a bit different than on a 100% cotton or cotton/polyester tee. The colors on a shirt that doesn't incorporate rayon will be extremely bold and clear. They'll almost have a plastic-like feel to them.

On the other hand, one of the main benefits of tri-blend is the faded, muted colors of printing on them. These shirts have a classic vintage appeal that remains trendy and consistent over time. These softer images are particularly stylish when you use bright colors on a dark background or tone-on-tone prints.

Tri-blend shirts are therefore perfect for marketing campaigns, building team spirit around the workplace, or bringing students involved in school events or little league teams together.

Recommended Tri-Blend T-shirts

There are a plethora of options for those interested in buying blank tri-blend T-shirts. Whether you want to wear these shirts or print on and distribute them, we recommend the Bella Canvas brand. While there are many great tri-blend brands, this is by far the most popular since its products offer unmatched value.

1) Bella Canvas Unisex Tri-blend T-Shirt 3413C

A unisex standard T-shirt is timeless and perfect for every occasion. This comfy tee looks amazing on both men and women because of its loose fit. You can purchase it in many sizes, which makes it perfect for those who like oversized tees, long shirts, and form-fitted options alike.

2) Bella Canvas Unisex Tri-blend V-Neck T-Shirt 3415C

This tee is similar to Bella Canvas' unisex standard option. The only difference is the v-shaped collar as opposed to a rounded one. This neckline gives the shirt an attractive fit that frames the collarbone and accentuates necklaces and scarves.

3) Bella Canvas Youth Tri-blend Short-Sleeve T-Shirt 3413Y 

If you're hosting a school event or are planning to print and distribute children's shirts, youth tri-blend tees are a good choice. These small shirts come in kid's sizes so that young ones can experience the comfort of tri-blend fabric. This is especially great since kids are really active.

4) Bella Canvas Women's Tri-blend Short-Sleeve T-Shirt B8413

This option is a great choice if you're looking for a form-fitting blank tee. These frame the body and accentuate curves. They're perfect for women who want to look attractive and casual at the same time.

5) Bella Canvas Women's Triblend Short-Sleeve Deep V-Neck T-Shirt Tanks 8435

Unlike women's form-fitting scoop neck shirts, these cut into a deep v-shape. They still have all the benefits of framing the body and accentuate curves. However, they're also built to showcase statement necklaces and other accessories.

6) Bella Canvas Women's Tri-blend Racerback Tank 8430

Tri-blend racerback tanks are perfect for active consumers. If you're creating shirts for a gym or distributing to an exercise-loving audience, this is definitely the right choice. The tiny straps and open back keep active individuals cool.

Get Started

Now that you know the benefits of tri-blend fabric t-shirts, it's time to start shopping for this awesome apparel option.

Check out the current discounts and coupon codes that we're offering right now. If you have any remaining questions, feel free to reach out to our experts and talk about tri-blend tees at length. Since we're committed to ensuring that you find the perfect fit, we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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