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So, you've got your t-shirt brand started, a business plan sorted out, and stock ready to sell. Now, you're probably wondering how to get the word out that you exist! A strong social media plan is the key to your company's success.

Social media is a marketing mainstay. Brands rely on their online presence to stay relevant, connect with consumers, and target the right demographic. Social media for t-shirt brand labels is essential to meet your business goals.

And all the different social media platforms connect your brand to specific targets. Use this guide to shape your social media to promote your brand in the right way.

Why Social Media for T-Shirt Brand Labels Matter

How to promote a clothing brand on social media? It seems daunting to get started but creating a reliable and active online presence is key to promoting your brand on social media. Online shopping is on an upswing, and it's driven by customer engagement.

Creates Connections

In one of the first steps in developing your t-shirt brand, you imagined your ideal customer. This niche is who you want to connect with through social media. By understanding your ideal customer's online behavior, you can directly connect with them through targeting your online presence to their interests.

Creating a profile that encourages likes, shares, and comments helps keep potential customers engaged with your brand.

It's Persuasive

You can use the best high-quality t-shirts for your fashion brand, but if people don't get the chance to see or feel them, you'll need to get their attention differently. By creating a strong online profile your brand will have more visibility, and the more people that connect with your brand, the more they'll be attracted to your products.

When you use your social media to engage with other influencers and brands, this gets your product more exposure to online audiences.

Highlights Products

One of the best parts of social media for t-shirt brands is it offers dynamic ways to showcase your clothing. Traditional advertising is flat and static. The old days of one or two photographs of an outfit on a model are over!

Now, with social media, your clothes are showcased by how they look in "real life" through the use of video. Short clips or multiple photos show all angles, details, and colors of your designs. Encouraging people to "hashtag" your brand on their personal photos offers customer engagement and free advertising!

The Social Media Platforms for Marketing

There are plenty of social media platforms to focus on for building your brand. While we've covered the most popular sites below, there are others to consider, like Pinterest and LinkedIn. Each platform has various advantages for your specific campaign.


The top social media platform is good for building a brand. A page on Facebook works the same as a high-quality website. A more casual tone is expected here and sharing articles that appeal to your ideal customer.

Facebook offers paid advertising that targets the audience you want. This feature comes with built-in analytics to track how well your campaigns are working.


This is the holy grail of online retailers. The Instagram Shop feature targets your ideal customer through keyword and hashtag searches. Since this platform is image-focused, showcasing your products is easy.

Customers visit your shop through their search page. They also find you when you post stories. You create collections that group styles together, making a curated and highly stylized shopping experience.


TikTok is a short video platform. It is geared more towards a younger crowd, with most users being under the age of 20. TikTok has jumped on the online shopping train, creating its own social shopping experience.

Livestreaming shopping is a fairly new phenomenon. This is an opportunity to make a name for your brand in an innovative marketing strategy. Allowing consumers to watch products live and directly buy may equal huge profits for your brand!


While YouTube is a large content provider, many people launching brands don't consider it a social media channel. Uploading videos allows for sharing, commenting, and liking. It also helps in search engine rankings.

YouTube is a perfect vehicle for a t-shirt brand because it allows for creative and informative videos. Creating content about "trends to watch" or "wardrobe dos and don'ts" with your shirts brings huge numbers of viewers. Also, reaching out to some popular influencers to create a "clothing haul" video is guaranteed to get your brand noticed!

How to Promote Your T-Shirt Brand on Social Media

Regardless of which social media platform you decide to focus on, there are some basic steps for success. While original and creative content is what gets you noticed, these tried and true marketing strategies are how you promote your brand. The key is to keep your branding strategies (your tone) consistent across all platforms.

  1. Create accounts. Start by creating your social media handles. Once you have your brand started, secure your brand name on every social media platform you can think of. Even if you don't post frequently, securing your brand name is important to maintain control of your image.
  2. Plan a calendar. When you first start out, think of your marketing campaign in one-week intervals. Plan what you'd want your brand to say every day over this week. Keep the messaging consistent and focused on your marketing goal.
  3. Create the posts. With your calendar planned, it's now time to create the posts. Take the photos you need and write your copy. All of the major social media platforms allow you to schedule posts ahead of time, so you don't need to be active daily on the platforms.
  4. Run contests. A great way to get your brand promoted is by running a contest. Facebook and Instagram are good vehicles for contests because they are easy to share with a wide audience. A "free" t-shirt will interest many new customers!
  5. Work with influencers. Influencers are people on social media with large numbers of followers. They promote business on their pages, doing the hard work of content creation for you. Reach out to the influencers that your target audience follows.
  6. Paid posts. The old business saying goes, "you gotta spend money to make money." Creating a paid post on social media is a successful way to reach your ideal customer. You determine the cost of the ad and how long it runs.

T-Shirt Brands Excel on Social Media

A successful clothing brand is possible with the right social media strategies. These platforms are made for creating interested customers and keeping them engaged in your brand. Social media for t-shirt brand labels is essential for creating a profitable business.

Don't be intimidated when planning your marketing strategies. There are many tools and guides available to help your brand succeed. Check out the All Day Shirts business guide for helpful tips!

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