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There are plenty of great ways to get involved in the t-shirt printing community and Facebook groups is one of them. These groups can be massive (300,000+ people) and there is often plenty of engagement. It may sometimes seem like you are alone on your printing journey but many people are taking the same steps that you are. These groups are a great way to get inspired and step up your game as a printer. 

Using it To Stimulate Your Creativity

Looking through the many t-shirt printing groups that there are on Facebook, it doesn’t take very long to figure out that people love to share their finished products. Whether this is the final t-shirt or just the design, these are normally fun to look at and can spark a lot of ideas. 

Most of the time, our best and most creative ideas come when we aren’t trying to force them. Even Albert Einstein understood that when he said, “Creativity is contagious. Pass it on.” Maybe you are trying to think of some design ideas for your nephew’s 5th birthday party and then you see someone’s Avenger themed birthday t-shirt set.

It may sound crazy and unrealistic, but these random thoughts and posts are what can spark that breakthrough idea. Nobody can hit a home run at every bat just like no one comes up with the best idea on the first try. Feeding off of others is a great way to get inspired as well as stimulate creativity.

Answering Your Questions and Others

There are over a BILLION people who are active on Facebook, and you don’t think that any of them may have had the same question that you are having right now. Of course, they have! 

Facebook groups are probably the easiest way to get these questions answered from other t-shirt printers. Simple question posts are arguably the most common posts in these groups. Even if it is as simple as “Where can I get ink for my printer?” or “What temperature should I have my heat press set at?” I promise you that someone else knows the answer.

A lot of these groups have experts that have been printing for 10 years and above. They were once beginners and they understand the early struggles of printing success. And hey, they know that they can learn from other people too! 

Simply put, there are so many people in these groups that it isn't hard to get a response whatsoever and more often than not you will get the answer that you are looking for. You can also learn from other people’s questions so you can know the solution before you even have the problem!

Getting Honest Feedback

It is very important to get feedback on the products that you are making. In the long run, you are selling to other people and not yourself so it is essential to understand the overall public perception of your products. Whether this is a design or a finished printed shirt, feel free to post it to one of the groups and let people give their opinions.

Most people will leave words of encouragement and this normally helps boost morale. Positive feedback on your creation is good for motivating you to keep pushing yourself to your boundaries and to keep learning new skills. Overall, who doesn’t want people to appreciate something they have worked hours on?! Facebook groups are a perfect way to feel this satisfaction!

On the other hand, negative feedback is a real thing…. and most of the time better than positive. Although it is easy to brush away negative feedback about your hard work, this is normally what makes you perfect your craft and take yourself to the next level as a printer. There are tons of experienced printers in these Facebook groups and they could have various suggestions to help your printing checklist.

There is a chance that some newbie or irrelevant person could be harping to make your day worse, and if you don’t think the feedback is legit, feel free to brush it off and go back to your awesome printing.

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