Brand Ambassador Highlight: Kathryn Ewers from Primary Market


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Brand Ambassador Highlight: Kathryn Ewers from Primary Market

It’s time for another Brand Ambassador Highlight! This series focuses on a select group of #AllDayShirtsPartners who standout from the rest.

Meet Kathryn: Founder of Primary Market

It all started during the COVID-19 quarantine in 2020. Kathryn and her husband, Jason, needed a Teachers Appreciation Day gift for their daughter's teacher. Many businesses were not open to shoppers, so they needed to get creative.

They decided to make their own gift and thought to themselves that they can’t be the only people who are running into this problem. With the goal of helping their local community in Ottowa, IL, they decided to create more and offer these gifts for sale. The first thing they sold was potted plants as Teacher Appreciation gifts. They listed them for sale on Facebook and local parents were able to pick the gift up off of their front porch. It was an instant hit, so they decided to run with it…

Expanding Further

With the success they found from the potted plants they were selling, they decided to expand into other goods. Now you can find custom hats, mugs, magnets, and more on their website:

The support from their community has allowed them to expand into a designated office and operating space. Being able to turn their passion for creating into a business has been a dream come true for the Ewer family.

Earning Some Extra Cash

Kathryn has been one of the top performers on the AllDayShirts Brand Ambassador program. Even with the program being new, she has been able to share her unique link with her community and earn some extra cash!

“I already was a big fan of AllDayShirts, but when I learned I can become an Ambassador and make some extra money I was thrilled!” - Kathryn Ewers on the AllDayShirts Brand Ambassador Program

Kathryn is a great example of why we love growing our group of amazing #AllDayShirtsPartners!


Our Closing Thoughts

We would like to thank Kathryn for being up for participating in this Brand Ambassador Highlight. If you want to check out Primary Market designs, you can visit the website, on Instagram @primarymarketgifts or on their Facebook Page. If you are interested in learning from Kathryn you can join her Facebook Group where she helps other laser makers HERE.

If you are interested in learning more about the AllDayShirt Brand Ambassador Program, you can check it out at HERE.

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