Father’s Day T Shirt Design Ideas


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We all know the importance of our fathers in our lives. From loving us to empowering us, from making us laugh when we are down in the dumps or embarrassing us - the many hats that a father wears cannot be counted. And for all that our loving fathers do for us, Father's Day is the perfect time to show some love to the first man in every child's life.

While there are many gift ideas to come up with, the best gift is always one that uses your creativity. So think hard and get your creative juices flowing to create the perfect gift for the most special person in your life. Regardless of age, gifting Father's Day shirts to your dad can be a great and unique idea.

And what's great is that apart from creating the perfect gift for your own father, like other holidays, it is also the ideal opportunity for your business to come up with and sell unique Father's Day t-shirts with your own design so that you can promote your business as well.

Here are some Father's Day t-shirt design ideas to get you going.

Father’s Day Around the World

In the United States, Father's Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June to honor fathers. While this holiday was earlier celebrated primarily in the US, over the years, the concept of having a memorable day dedicated to loving fathers spread around the world, and today it is widely celebrated in most countries.

Along with the US, Japan, China, Singapore, Canada, United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands, and India also celebrate Father's Day on the third Sunday in June. In addition, countries like Belgium and Austria commemorate the holiday on the second Sunday in June, while Samoa and Brazil celebrate it in August.

Why Design Custom Father’s Day T-shirts and Hats

Nowadays, clothing items like t-shirts and hats are not just clothes. They reflect the views, interests, and character of the person who wears them. While there are many t-shirts and hats that you can find, the joy of gifting a customized shirt or hat is unmatchable.

This is an excellent opportunity for designers to create and customize blank t-shirts and hats with your Father's Day designs. You can customize them by creating designs around various hobbies that most fathers like to indulge in or a loving message that a child would love to gift to their father.

Let us now look at some awesome Father's Day t-shirt design ideas.

Father’s Day Design Ideas

1. For the First Time Dad

First Time Dad

Being a dad to a newborn is perhaps the best feeling of all. The life of a new dad is full of so many joyful moments that it makes them feel like a superhero. Creating a t-shirt that reminds them of this special time is a great gift they'll treasure for years to come. You can consider customizing their Father's Day shirt by putting the child's date of birth or a message welcoming them to the 'dad club.'

2. For the Cool Dad

Cool Dad Shirt

The cool dad is a trendsetter, and they tend to have their original look and sense of style. For such a dad, think about designing Father's Day shirts that reflect their hobbies, interests, or lifestyle. Anything that makes them cool is something you should add to the shirt, including things like skateboarding, video games, golf, etc.

3. For the Dad Who Loves Music

Music Lover Dad

This is an easy one for every father who loves music. A custom shirt with a nod to their favorite band or singer is a great idea. You can even design their favorite instrument or genre of music or make a classic Father's Day t-shirt with designs of musical symbols and notes. Or how about adding the lyrics of a song they have written themselves?

4. For the Geeky Dad

Book Lover Dad

A geeky dad loves to read and is always on your case and concentrates on your studies. Think about your dad's favorite author or book and design an original art that is a nod to what they love to read. Transfer some of their favorite book covers into shirt designs to watch them tear up.

5. For the Dad Who Loves to Travel

Travel Dad T-Shirt

Whether going camping or getting away every weekend with the family, this dad is always ready to travel and create memories with his family. Comin up with travel-themed t-shirt ideas is easy. Look through the old holiday photos or your dad's favorite holiday destination and build it into his own shirt design to come up with the perfect Father's Day gift.

How to Make your own Father’s Day T-Shirts?


It is very easy to get started designing a t-shirt and you can choose from our great selection of blank t-shirts to print them. If you have already created your design, it is time to check the placement, fonts, and sizing before getting the design ready for printing and transferring onto the blank shirt.

It is possible to either print the design onto the shirt at home by using your preferred t-shirt printing method, like heat vinyl transfer or screen printing.

Father’s Day Hats

While you are creating Father's Day shirts, how about adding a customized Father's Day hat along with it. Similar to customizing t-shirts, you need to first buy your blanks. You can choose from the Richardson Trucker Snapback hat to the Flexfit Adult Premium Fitted Cap, which are some great blank headwear options to customize. You can then create your design and have it printed onto the hat.

And if you are ever in doubt about how to go about creating the best customized Father’s Day shirts and hats, it is best to first purchase blank t-shirts and hats from When you have blank shirts and hats available, you have the opportunity to take risks and try out several designs to see how it looks

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