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Picture this: you've organized a big event or conference that you want to promote. Or, you're trying to advertise your new business. Or, you just can't think of a good Christmas gift for that one picky relative.

And after some deliberation, you've arrived at the perfect solution: creating your own custom t-shirt!

But there's a problem. You can't think of any t-shirt design ideas, and you have no idea where to start.

If that sounds like you, you've come to the right place. The process of designing your own custom t-shirt can seem daunting if you're doing it for the first time.

Don't worry. You don't need lots of experience to design an incredible t-shirt. All you need is some inspiration and a little research.

And we're here to help. We've compiled a list of t-shirt design ideas to spark your imagination and help you get the ball rolling on your custom t-shirt.

Popular T-Shirt Design Trends

Design Ideas



Making use of popular t-shirt design trends in your custom shirts is a clever, strategic move to get more people to wear your shirts. These common trends include:

  • Hand-written fonts
  • Hand-drawn designs
  • Doodles
  • Repeating text
  • Negative space on shirts
  • Retro typography
  • Minimalist designs and logos
  • Text arches
  • Flipped/mirrored text
  • And more!

Think about what you're trying to accomplish and what kinds of graphics, fonts, and colors would best suit that. You can create designs that focus on animals, nature, the 90s, geography, fitness/wellness, professions, and so much more.

Without further ado, here are our top 10 t-shirt design ideas for your brand!

1. Businesses

Business t-shirts are essentially walking advertisements. They can serve as conversation starters to get more people talking about your business.

So, making t-shirts for your brand is a great way to make sure people remember it, especially if the design you create is attractive and eye-catching.

Since you'll want your t-shirt to be noticeable, you should think about which colors for shirts are the most eye-catching. You'll also want it to be artistic, though, since corporate-style artwork isn't always the most appealing. Get creative with it.

For example, if you run a gardening company, you can use plants and nature imagery to create something beautiful. Or, if there's a funny catchphrase or pun that relates to your business, you can use that.

Make sure you think of something that is applicable to everyone so that you can get the most people possible wearing your shirts.

Regardless of which direction you choose to go in, creating custom shirts for a business is one of the most popular t-shirt design ideas, and for good reason. So, if you run a business, it can't hurt to give it a try.

2. Bands

Band t-shirts have a lot of the same benefits as business t-shirts. If you're a musical artist looking to get your name out there, creating your own merch is a great way to do that.

Much like album covers, it's important that you make something artistic that captures your essence as a creator. People are going to associate this image with your sound, so make sure it matches up.


Band t-shirts


You could use imagery from the lyrics or title of a song. For example, a song called "To The Stars" could lend itself to some gorgeous artwork of a night sky. The same goes for album titles.

Think about what makes your music unique and what you want people to associate with you as an artist. That will help you think of t-shirt design ideas for your merch.

And who knows? You might even land a record deal thanks to your t-shirts!

3. Athletics

Whether you're an athlete, a sports fan, or a fitness buff, you may want a custom athletic t-shirt of your very own. You can wear it to the gym, to a professional sports game, or as a jersey or warm-up shirt.

athletic shirts

Sports t-shirts are fun and easy to design because team names lend themselves easily to cool-looking logos on shirts. Whether you're called the Cougars, the Knights, the Eagles, or something else entirely, you can use your team name as inspiration for a logo.

Just make sure to avoid any logos that have already been copyrighted by an existing team!

4. Clubs

Since clubs are all about a community of people with similar interests, it's a good idea to kick it up a notch with matching t-shirts. If you're in a club that competes against others, like a debate club or a trivia club, matching t-shirts can make you look uniform, which will unnerve your competition and give you an edge.

Club t-shirts can also promote morale and community among the members. It can help you feel more connected to each other and create a more positive, friendly environment.

The design of your club t-shirt depends on what your club is for. A social justice club could use its t-shirts to make a statement and to raise awareness for a serious issue. Something like a drama club could use a funny slogan or a pun.

Whatever the purpose of your club, it's a worthwhile investment to create custom t-shirts for your members. And because of the variety of clubs out there, the t-shirt design ideas are endless!

5. Special Events

Using custom t-shirts to promote special events or conferences is another good way to take advantage of the free advertising that t-shirts provide. You can easily attract a huge crowd to your event by designing your own t-shirts.

Once again, the design of your t-shirt depends on the nature of your event or conference. Think about what your event is for, and how it can be translated into art.

Are you promoting a music or film festival? A rodeo? A comic conference?

A rodeo t-shirt could have a design with a lasso or a cowboy hat. A comic conference could have a funny catchphrase or a reference to a franchise (again, watch out for copyright!). Think about how you can creatively incorporate the focus of your event into a t-shirt design.

6. Schools

Custom t-shirts, especially when freely given out to prospective students, are a fantastic way to grow your student population quickly and easily. T-shirts can also promote school spirit and a sense of community within the student body.

But because so many schools have their own custom t-shirts, try and get creative with it!

Your school colors are a good choice for your t-shirts since those colors are already associated with what you're trying to promote. You can also use your school logo or slogan, but try to reimagine it to create something new and exciting that will appeal to students.

You should also consider the age of the students you're trying to recruit. If you're making t-shirts for an elementary school, bright colors and cartoonish images would be best. For high school or college students, it's better to design something more sleek and stylish.

7. Non-Profits/Charities

Making t-shirts for non-profits and charities is a good idea because it helps to raise awareness about the organization and the issue it is trying to address. You can bring in potential employees with t-shirt promotion, and can also help people in need learn about what you're providing.

When designing a t-shirt for your charity, you should focus more on readability and clarity. You want people to understand what your organization is and what it offers.

For example, if you run a homeless shelter or a soup kitchen, wearing a t-shirt that advertises your organization out on the street may catch the eye of someone who needs those services. In that way, you can improve people's lives and do a good deed simply by wearing a piece of clothing.

8. Retail

There are several ways that t-shirts can be used in retail. For one, you can design a t-shirt to be sold commercially. If you're a designer looking to create your own clothing line, creating t-shirts is a great place to start.

retail t-shirts


Whether you're an artist, a clothing retailer, or even a t-shirt design company, you can benefit hugely from selling t-shirts because of how versatile they are. Graphic tees suit everyone, no matter who they are. Designing and selling them will make your retail business boom.

Another use for t-shirts in retail is for the employees. Matching employee t-shirts promote uniformity and morale, and help the workers feel more like a team.

9. Gifts

A custom t-shirt is a genius gift idea! Not only is it cheap and easy, but it also is a good way to personalize the gift to show that you care.

Fun t-shirts


When giving a t-shirt as a gift, think about the person that you're gifting it to and try to match it up with them.

Do they love cats? You can design a cute picture of a cat or a funny cat-related catchphrase.

Are they obsessed with the 60s? Tie-dye something for them.

The possibilities are endless! Just make sure that you choose something personal that your friend or relative will love.

10. Fun

Who says you need a good reason? Maybe you just want to create a custom t-shirt for fun!

Making a shirt for yourself is awesome because it means you have all the freedom in the world. You can choose any topic you want: your favorite animal or color or food, an inside joke between you and your friends, a saying or word that you use a lot. It's all up to you!

Again, though, make sure you stay away from anything copyrighted, like movies, TV shows, books, etc.

Discover More T-Shirt Design Ideas

We hope you've been inspired by this list! And this is just the beginning.

Let your imagination run wild! You can use any of the t-shirt design ideas found here and more to create a custom t-shirt of your very own.

Choose a blank t-shirt from our options to get started on your t-shirt today!

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