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Texas fashion icon Todd Ramos says, “Often when an outfit doesn’t work out, it’s because of the neckline.” In this comprehensive guide from All Day Shirts, we take a deep look at the different styles of neckline, with a few examples included. The information we provide should help you figure out which t-shirt necklines are best for you!

The Big 3

Before we jump right into choosing the neckline for you, we need to think about what body type you have. In particular, we will look at the arms, shoulders, and neck.

1. Neck: Is your neck long? Short? This will play a factor in picking between a higher neckline and a lower one. Higher necklines can make necks look shorter while larger neckholes can add a sense of length.

2. Shoulders: Are your shoulders broad? Do you have a petite frame? Wider necklines de-emphasize the shoulders, causing them to look smaller. Meanwhile, necklines that are shorter lengthwise, can make your shoulders stand out and seem larger.

3. Torso: Do you have a long torso or a short one? The longer the neckline, the larger your torso will appear. On the other hand, shorter necklines that are closer to your neck can make you look more petite.

Crew Neck

The first and most popular t-shirt neckline, the crew neck, has made its way around the globe as the most commonly worn type of t-shirt on earth.

The design is defined by a round, circle shaped neckline that fits around the neck. The rounded neckline is known to benefit people with narrow faces and sloped shoulders, making the latter look more defined.

The crew neck complements the average person's body and has a timeless appeal.

As a result, it is the go-to neckline for most t-shirt designers.


Recommended Crew Neck T-Shirts

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Coming in at a close second is the V-neck, famous for its slimming qualities. As the name describes, this type of shirt sports a neckline shaped like a letter V, with the bottom reaching the top of the chest.

This neckline design is known to complement those with round faces and larger body sets. The vertically warped

neckline offsets wider body types, making them appear slimmer and taller.


Recommended V-Neck T-Shirts

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Deep V-Neck

You may be wondering: “How different can a V-neck be from a Deep V-Neck? Is there even a difference, or is it marketing semantics?” If so, then you are asking the right questions!

Yes, a V-neck and a Deep V-neck do look quite similar. With that said, there is a noticeable difference in how a person can look wearing one versus the other.

As we mentioned, a typical, short V-neck can complement larger body types, making them look slimmer and taller. Meanwhile, a Deep V can reveal much of the chest, which may prove especially troublesome for women in need of support at the chest. The depth of each V-neck can vary from brand to brand, with some going as low as almost touching the bottom hem, and others only making it to the chestline.

The Deep V is a great choice for women wanting to make their necklaces the centerpiece of the outfit. Plus, for all their differences, they also have their similarities after all. Just like the normal V-Neck, the Deep V has slimming qualities that add inches to your height and remove inches from your torso.

Recommended Deep V-Neck T-Shirts

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8435: Bella Women's Triblend Short-Sleeve Deep V-Neck T-Shirt

Slouchy V-Neck

The slouchy V-neck, also known as the relaxed V-Neck, has come into style recently and is becoming more and more popular each day.

Unlike the other types of V-Neck covered above, this variant is mainly made for women, as it perfectly fits the average feminine figure. This look is especially flattering on petite women who want to lengthen and elongate the look of their frame.

The Slouchy V-Neck is just as long vertically as the Deep V-Neck. Where they contrast is that this type of neckline extends longer across the shoulders.

Recommended Slouchy V-Neck T-Shirt

8815: Bella Women's Slouchy V-Neck T-Shirt

Scoop Neck

Veering away from V-Necks altogether is the scoop neck, popularized in the mid-2010s. This type of tee looks exactly like what you are thinking: an average crew neck with a lower neck shaped like a semicircle. In other words, it “scoops” down.

This tee is great for summer months. For starters, it can help you cool down by exposing more skin. Moreover, it is the fashion shortcut for men to look like they have larger pecs. Any man with the slightest chest muscles could resemble Hercules himself with their summer “beach bod.”

There is one point of comparison between this neckline and the Deep V-Neck. We observed that the latter allows the wearer to highlight necklaces and similar jewelry. For men who wear necklaces or a chain, this shirt is great for showing off your “bling.”


Recommended Scoop Neck T-Shirt

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High Neck

The high neck a modern take on the classic crew neck and could be considered the turtleneck of t-shirts. The streamlined design of the fit places the valley of the collar much higher than the other major neckline types.

This neckline decreases the amount of the neck that is visible, and it also visually boosts the size of pecs. As a result, tees of this type can create a flattering silhouette for slim, long, body types.This type of neckline is not recommended for plus size body types because it can feel too tight on those with larger necks or torsos.

Some ways to complement the turtle neck include wearing scarves, jewelry, or even a piece of outerwear like a blazer. These methods of accessorizing are especially recommended for shorter people who want to look taller.


Recommended High Neck T-Shirt

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