6 Kids T-Shirt Crafts to Try Today


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In a world consumed by technology and electronics, arts and crafts are a great way to get children engaged in a hands-activity.

They can help improve your child's listening and communication skills, as well as foster their imagination and creativity. Arts and crafts activities also help develop fine motor skills like hand-eye coordination.

If you're looking for a craft activity, making DIY t-shirts is a fun and easy way to bond with your child and keep them entertained. Kid's t-shirt crafts are a great idea whether you're throwing a children's party or you want a fun weekend activity.

Keep reading to learn six awesome DIY t-shirt crafts that you can do at home with your child!

1. Groovy Tie-Dye T-Shirts


This is one of the most popular DIY shirt ideas because they are easy to make - and they look great.

Making tie-dye shirts requires just a few supplies, and the process is very hands-on. Your little one is sure to enjoy helping make their own t-shirt.

Start with a fresh white t-shirt. White is recommended because it is a perfect canvas for the multicolored effect that tie-dye gives. Your child can wrap the t-shirt with rubber bands using any scrunching technique that they like.

Ensure that they put on gloves and then dip the shirt in whatever colors they like. Be sure to use fabric-safe paint in a variety of colors. Your child can use as many or as few colors as they want.

Place the rubber band-tied t-shirt into a ziplock bag and let it sit overnight. Rinse off the excess paint, remove the rubber bands, and leave the shirt to dry naturally. Each shirt pattern will be unique, and your child will be proud to wear their creation!

2. Decorative T-Shirts

Decorating kids' t-shirts is another fun and creative activity. With this technique, there are so many different ways to decorate a t-shirt, using your child's favorite embellishments. There are just a few of the decorative accessories that you can use:

  • Studs and rhinestones
  • Felt shapes
  • Glitter and sparkles
  • Jazzy jewels
  • Beads

These are just some options that you can use to decorate a t-shirt. You can create hearts, flowers, shapes, and patterns, all using different mediums. Use fabric-safe glue, and be sure to supervise your child during the process.

To decorate a shirt, you need the perfect canvas. The Bella Canvas Youth Jersey T-Shirt is comfortable to wear and provides a clean background for your child to create a masterpiece.

3. Freehand Painting T-Shirts


This is one t-shirt painting idea that allows your child to use their imagination and inspiration. While stencils and stamps are an excellent guide for a DIY t-shirt, freehand painting gives your child free creative reign.

You can prepare the activity with various colors and a few different tools. Different sized paintbrushes, sponges, and even fingers work as great tools for freehand painting.

You can also use different paints, such as acrylic, watercolors, glitter paints, and glow-in-the-dark paint. These options will depend on the age of your child. They will require supervision during the activity to ensure that they safely use the paints.

Be sure to cover your child's activity space as this can get a little bit messy. Encourage your child to have fun and get their little hands dirty.

4. Personalized Drawing T-Shirts

Drawing on custom t-shirts is another effective DIY activity. Drawing is very versatile, and there are many different tools and techniques that your child can use for their t-shirt.

Use fabric markers, colored sharpies, washable crayons, and bleach pens. All of these will have a different effect, and you can encourage your kid to use whatever one they like. Have some chalk ready so that your little one can start tracing and then move on to another medium of their choice to finalize their drawing.

Keep some storybooks nearby if your child needs some inspiration or a stencil for their drawing.

Washable crayons allow you to use the same t-shirt more than once for this fun and easy activity.

5. Stars and Stripes Flag T-Shirts


This is a fantastic choice if you're feeling patriotic. You can prepare these t-shirts before the 4th of July.

You will need freezer paper to cut out stars and stripes, as well as red and white fabric paint. Have a white cotton t-shirt like the Gildan G200B Youth Ultra Cotton ready, and let your child place the stars and stripes on the t-shirt. You will have to iron the freezer paper shapes on the shirt and let them dry before your child can paint on them.

Place a piece of cardboard inside before your child paints so that the paint doesn't bleed to the other side of the shirt.

Your child can use a sponge or a paintbrush to paint over the stars and stripes in classic patriotic colors.

6. DIY Stamp T-Shirts

Potato Stamp T-shirt

Creating a shirt stamp is quick, effortless, and guaranteed fun for your child. All you need is a large potato that you've cut in half. The flat side of the potato acts as the perfect stamp.

Your child is sure to get a kick out of using food for their craft activity!

They can draw shapes on the flat side of the potato. Hearts, funny faces, and stars are all great ideas for their stamp. You can use markers or sharpies, but be sure to have lots of potatoes ready for multiple stamps.

Try These Fun and Easy Kid's T-Shirt Crafts

Kid's t-shirt crafts are a great way to break away screen time and get hands-on with a fun activity. Creating DIY shirts is super easy and a great way to engage a group of children or just your own. Try the tie-dye technique, potato stamps, the patriotic flag, personalized drawing, and freehand paint.

Visit our website and order kids' cotton t-shirts, and get prepared to share a fun activity with your child!

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