Benefits of Buying Blank T-Shirts in Bulk


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There are plenty of reasons to buy t-shirts in bulk, like launching an online store or organizing a fundraiser for a sports team. Did you know Americans purchased over $516 million in original design t-shirts in 2021!? And buying bulk t-shirts is the best way to break into these sales.

It is the most cost-efficient way to share your message, logo, or art when you buy blank t-shirts in bulk. Bulk orders are the best way to manage a t-shirt business or sales opportunity. And they are also great for big families or organizations with staff, residents, or teammates.

So, what exactly is bulk buying, and what benefits come from it? This guide provides all these answers and more!

What is Bulk Buying?

Bulk t-shirt buying is purchasing a large amount of a particular style. Buying large quantities provides a discounted price compared to buying individual pieces. This lowers the price-per-unit of the product.

The amount of money spent on t-shirts in bulk will initially be a larger lump sum than buying smaller orders. But, this is worth it because in the long run, you will save overall costs.

Who Should Buy T-Shirts in Bulk?

If you're thinking about starting your own t-shirt company, then you should definitely buy blank t-shirts in bulk. People who are running fundraisers, buying uniforms for their staff, or managers of sports teams also benefit from bulk order pricing. Even parents with large families can see the advantages of the cost of t-shirts in bulk!

Besides providing uniforms, businesses can also use blank t-shirts to put their logo on for advertising purposes. Having a supply of ready-to-go shirts for giveaways or selling in gift shops is another way to get your name out there!

Many organizations should buy bulk t-shirts for their needs:

  • Church groups
  • Schools
  • Sports teams
  • Clubs
  • Gyms

But, most people making bulk purchases are looking to sell their product for a profit. T-shirts can have large profit margins. They are forever stylish, comfortable, and in demand. T-shirts are a wardrobe staple, perfect for layering in every season.

You just can't go wrong with selling t-shirts!

Benefits of Buying Blank Bulk T-Shirts

A successful clothing business needs consistent products to sell. Buying in bulk ensures t-shirts come from the same order. And, this guarantees t-shirts will look the same and arrive at your location at the same time.

There are many benefits to bulk buying like securing a discount and your inventory. If you're an employer, buying your staff's uniform in bulk ensures you will always have a t-shirt when a new member joins the team!

Here are the top four benefits of buying t-shirts in bulk.

1. Save on Costs

Purchasing your t-shirts in bulk is much cheaper than buying products individually or in smaller orders. 

When the distributor offers a promotional discount, placing a bulk order will secure the sale price for the products. This lowers the cost average per item of your inventory, making more profits on each sale!

Also, buying bulk saves you money on shipping and handling costs. The cost of t-shirts in bulk often includes the cost of shipping. If shipping and handling are not free, you will still save money by placing a larger order because it means paying the shipping only once rather than on multiple orders.

2. Save on Time

You will 100% save time when you purchase your t-shirts in bulk. Ordering is time-consuming because sizes, colors, and materials all need to be selected to purchase t-shirts. Ordering in bulk allows you to streamline this process.

After you've ordered and paid for your order, you also save time by having your inventory arrive all at once. Rather than waiting for new deliveries all the time, you can receive a big order and organize it for sales immediately.

3. Keep Inventory Stocked

If you're providing a uniform for a sports team, a club, or as an employer, keeping enough shirts around in a mix of sizing is important to welcome your new member. By placing bulk orders on your organization's t-shirts, you will have consistent inventory for anyone joining the team.

Bulk orders also secure merchandise in the colors, styles, and sleeve lengths you desire.

4. Avoid Delays

For t-shirt sellers, inventory is important to keep stocked so customers don't experience delays after they purchase. There is nothing worse than a customer looking to purchase a shirt but it is listed as out of stock or shipping is delayed.

Keeping merchandise available, especially during busy times like the holiday season, is essential for return customers and successful advertising campaigns.

How to Order T-Shirts in Bulk

The first step to ordering your blank t-shirts in bulk at is to estimate the number of sizes you need. If you are running a fundraiser or providing uniforms, you may have a good idea of what sizes you need already. For selling t-shirts, providing a well-rounded selection of all sizes is important to appeal to many different body types.

Next, choose top-selling styles of shirts. The Gildan G500 is a fan favorite! It is popular to buy plain black t-shirts in bulk because of their timeless style and versatility. Black is slimming and it lets logos and design pop off it as a neutral backdrop.

Gildan G500 Black

Other popular colors for blank t-shirts include classic white, navy, gray, royal blue, and red. Although these are the classic colors, there are plenty of other options available to make your custom t-shirt dreams come true.

Choosing the ideal style of t-shirt is just as important as the color scheme. Long-sleeve options allow for more printing space because you can add a logo or design to the sleeve area. Traditional short-sleeve shirts offer neckline options like v-neck, crew, and ringer.

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