Mama Dukes Style Tips: How To Cut A Hoodies Collar for Comfort & Style


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Mama Dukes Style Tips: How To Cut A Hoodies Collar for Comfort & Style


Here at we are always looking for apparel tricks and tips that we can share with our audience. One person around the office that we can always rely on to have great insight into blank apparel hacks is Mama Dukes! Today, we are going to walk through a hack for Hoodies to loosen up their collars so they are not right up against your neck. This hack is two for one! It improves the look and the comfort of your favorite hoodie.

If you prefer the video walkthrough you can scroll to the bottom and watch Mama Dukes do this trick step by step!

Step 1: Choosing A Hoodie

We think that the Gildan G185 Hoodie is the perfect piece to do this trick on. If you have another style that has a collar that is a bit too tight, feel free to try it on that one as well!

Step 2: Make Your First Cuts - 1 Inch On Either Side

Find where the rim of the hood meets in the front. From the center of the front of the collar, cut one inch towards either side of the hoodie along the collar seam.

Step 3: Make A 1 Inch Cut Down The Center Below The Collar

You may have a fold line right down the middle of the front of the hoodie. If so, that is a great guide for where to make this cut. If not, just make a 1 inch cut as close to the center of the collar as possible, as shown in the image below.