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Let me explain to you one of the worst possible scenarios when running your t-shirt printing business. You’ve been working really hard to acquire new customers and you finally get someone who you think could convert into a loyal customer (and a source of long-term revenue). All of a sudden, they ask you what sizes to recommend to them, and you realize that you do not know the size charts! Then you suggest the wrong sizes and they notice that something is wrong and you fall into despair.

To be fair, you’d probably be okay with missing out on one potential customer. However, that can add up over time until you have a genuine problem on your hands. Worse, this mistake is completely avoidable, and this information is something that anyone in this business should know. On the plus side, it is not hard to learn, especially with a proper information resource. Here is some knowledge on how Next Level shirts fit and how to understand the brand’s size chart.

What is Next Level?

For those who are unaware, Next Level Apparel is widely considered one of the top t-shirt brands in the industry. They gained this stellar reputation after only about a dozen-plus years of operation, an incredible feat in an industry packed with decades-old titans.

The way they achieved this superstar status is through a commitment to quality. Compared to most other brands, Next Level shirts are made with softer cotton, higher quality, and of course, better sizing! They also stand out with the fit itself. While companies like Gildan provide more of a loose fit for everyone, Next Level offers a tighter, more athletic fit. This allows people to really personalize their top and give themselves the fit they’ve always wanted. 

The Size Chart

size chart

That information about shirt fits may be great and all, but seeing the specs would be even better. We could relate them to you bullet point by bullet point … but instead, we’ll just insert a more convenient graphic, which comes straight from the Next Level website’s sizing specification page, below:

This size chart may look pretty intimidating, with so many categories and so much information. It is not just divided by sex, but by a variety of clothing types and styles: fitted, relaxed, oversize, joggers, and so forth. Instead of just listing sizes, the chart also gives chest measurements for which the size is best suited.

With that said, the complexity of the chart is a good thing for clothing vendors! It just goes to show that Next Level offers so many different styles and sizing options for men, women, and children. With more options and information at your disposal, you can make sure that you are giving each individual customer exactly what they want.

The Value of Chest Measurements

As any tailor or custom clothing designer would tell you, the best way to determine the best fit for a customer is to ask them for an accurate chest measurement. A lot of laypersons don’t know how to do that. If they ask for assistance, advise them to use some tape measure on themselves in front of a full-length mirror.

They should run it beneath their armpits and across their chest, at the part that sticks out most. The tape should be placed firmly on the chest, though not tightly, and it should be comfortable, though not loose. Striking that balance is important for accuracy. The final measure should be rounded, with an extra two inches (five centimeters) for a proper fit. Otherwise, it would be too small to actually wrap around your body.

Unisex Size Chart

unisex size chart

Next Level’s unisex sizing chart for shirts like the N3600 is quite simple in comparison to the other chart. Rather than focusing on precise measurements and different types of shirts, this one instead illustrates a clothing size principle regarding sex. The stated size is usually accurate only for men. Due to generalized anatomical differences, women’s sizes should, in most cases, be considered one size higher than the stated size.

Do Next Level Shirts Run Big or Small?

Next Level offers many different sizing options. As a result, it is hard for them to run one way or another. Because the majority of these shirts have a tighter fit to them than most other brands, one could say that they run a bit small compared to standard Gildan shirts. This is really determined by customer preference, and because they can choose from so many different Next Level styles, there shouldn’t be an issue.

Do Next Level Shirts Shrink?

Next Level’s cotton shirts are just like the cotton shirts available from any other brand in at least one aspect. If they take a ton of beatings inside the dryer, they are likely to shrink to some extent. As true as this may be, I haven’t experienced any of my Next Level shirts undergoing any significant size changes in the dryer. Speaking solely from my personal experience, it isn’t something to make a big deal about.

Next Level Products at

You may need some time to get fully familiar with Next Level’s diversity of clothing sizes and styles. If that feels inconvenient, the potential rewards make the effort worth your while. This brand produces some excellent outfits with exceptional quality and top-notch materials, making them highly desirable for any customer. Plus, that diversity of sizes and styles allows you to attract any customer with something they might like. Knowing how to answer their questions about sizing will make the sale even easier to land.

If you have any questions for yourself about Next Level shirt sizing, feel free to ask our t-shirt printing experts in the official Facebook group! We know all about this brand and their standards, and we’re more than happy to assist our clients and visitors. If you already know that you want some Next Level shirts, we can help with that as well! Just check out our extensive selection and buy them at low, low prices.

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