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There is more to creating a digital seller's profile than signing up for a social media account. While Instagram is important for making sales, Facebook is still the most popular platform worldwide. Creating a solid business page on Facebook is part of a well-rounded marketing strategy.

Social media is the most effective marketing tool for the modern clothing industry. Using your social media presence to promote t-shirts on Facebook is guaranteed to make your sales grow. But, what are the first steps to make your business page successful?

Use this guide to learn the top clothing selling tips for promoting your t-shirt brand on Facebook. 

Build a Solid Facebook Business Page

Facebook sees the most traffic out of all the social media platforms. While other platforms are trendy, Facebook is still the most commonly used for digital marketing. To get a share of this marketing goldmine, you'll need a business page that engaging. 

It is recommended to use your logo for your profile picture. This way, every time you interact with the Facebook platform, your logo is shared front and center. The cover photo on your landing page is perfect to showcase what your brand stands for.

Free tools like Canva are perfect for crafting logos, ads, and banner images. Use these tools when posting your products on the Facebook Marketplace.

Make sure the essential information about your brand is easy to find for your potential customers. Email, website, and phone number are all important but don't skip the steps the Facebook Business Page prompts you with. Your description and category information on Facebook are synced to major search engines.

Be sure to create content before starting to promote your page. Facebook allows you to schedule posts, so putting in a couple of hours of time ensures a week or two of content. Make the content varied by using text, images, and video.

Remember to also vary the type of content on your business page. While self-promotion and sales are the name of the game, the only way to keep potential customers seeing your page is through providing content they will engage with. The more clicks, likes, and comments your page receives, the more often it cycles through a user's algorithm

Create a T-Shirt Shop on Facebook

After your brand's page is set up, it's time to get started on a Facebook online shop. Your Facebook shop works like an online store where your customers browse and buy directly from you. Because it's linked to Instagram, it makes organizing your store nice and easy.

Shops allow you to feature certain items in your brand's collection. Facebook shops also allow you to connect directly with your potential customers through their other platforms, such as WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger.

Utilizing a shop lets customers directly experience your t-shirt collections from your Facebook business page. You can sell products through your shop even if you don't have an independent website or payment provider. Facebook provides the technology to facilitate sales.

With fewer pages to navigate, customers are more likely to impulse shop and buy your t-shirt right when they see it! Especially when your brand is using high-quality t-shirts to showcase your designs.

Use Classic Ads to Promote T-Shirts on Facebook

The classic advertising on the Facebook platform allows you to create your ad from scratch for selling t-shirts. Classic ads are customizable and capable of using both images and video. Using high-resolution images is most effective and shows your brand off in a professional manner.

Facebook ads have strict limitations on how images are presented. Ads with images that include more than 20% of text are often rejected. The ad allows for a brief headline, a description, and a call to action.

Classic video ads are 15 seconds long. Adding text or captions to your video is recommended because they are often viewed with the sound off, such as in a public space. 

Classic ads make it easy to sell t-shirts on Facebook. These campaigns showcase a t-shirt brand and are targetable to your ideal customer and demographic. Classic ads are best for driving viewers to a specific page of your website.

Set up Dynamic Ads to Sell T-Shirts on Facebook

While classic ads are great for driving traffic to a certain promotion on your website, dynamic ads are best for showcasing your product. They take a bit more effort to set up compared to Facebook classic ads, but the payoff is worth it. 

Dynamic ads get created through the Facebook algorithm. They target your products to potential customers who have engaged with similar products or brands. If someone has visited your website or other social media accounts, Facebook sends your ads to them.

You aren't required to create separate ads for new products or collections. Rather, Facebook takes your catalog and showcases products to relevant consumers. Dynamic ads are best for stores that have more than ten products to promote.

Use Facebook Messenger to Engage Customers

By using Messenger to engage customers, you can start conversations or show up in their Facebook app. This works by creating a friendly feel through an intimate conversation. The one-to-one engagement lends itself well to getting customers to check out your online t-shirt brand.

You can create classic ads with a call-to-action that sends your viewer to your DMs. You can also direct ads to people who have already sent your business a private message. Messenger stories are ads that appear within the Messenger app and run concurrently with sponsored or classic newsfeed campaigns.

Get Started Today Selling T-Shirts on Facebook

It isn't hard to promote t-shirts on Facebook. The platform has a large database of information to help small businesses succeed in their marketing campaigns. Setting up a Facebook shop and running dynamic ads will result in direct sales of your t-shirt brand.

At All Day Shirts, we've got the marketing tools and high-quality t-shirts your brand needs to succeed! For more tips for selling t-shirts through social media, check out our article on brand promotion!

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