Give Your Customers the Total Package: T Shirt Packaging Tips


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So, you've successfully created your own custom t-shirt business. Good for you!

But now that you're ready to start selling and shipping, you've run into the tricky part of it all: t-shirt packaging. 

Good custom t-shirt packaging is essential to running a successful clothing line. If you put effort into your packaging, it will reflect well on you as a business. But if you don't, your customers will notice, and then you may be in danger of collapsing before you've even started.


Don't worry. We're here to help. To help you give your customers the total package, here is a complete guide to t-shirts packaging. 

Why Is T-Shirt Packaging Important? 

It's obvious that t-shirt packaging is important for functionality. When products are properly packaged, it keeps them safe and in one piece for the customers. 

It doesn't end there, though. Good t-shirt packaging has the potential to give your products an extra edge. They can be used to subtly advertise your business and to create a connection with the customer. 

When you're running an online t-shirt business, your customers don't have many opportunities to physically engage with your products. When they receive their t-shirt in the mail, it's the first time they experience your business in a tangible way. 

That's why it's important to have great packaging. It's like making a good first impression. You want your customers to have a wonderful all-around experience with your company to keep them coming back. 

Being creative and considerate in your custom t-shirt packaging is also a good opportunity to provide a sense of wonder and excitement for your customer. Getting a package in the mail is kind of like unwrapping a present, and good packaging will enhance that experience for your customers. 

Exciting packaging will also encourage word of mouth. Customers might even post it on social media, which is great free advertising for you. Good packaging helps the customer remember you so that when they need your services again, they'll go straight to you. 

Types of T-Shirt Packaging 

Most t-shirts are shipped to their new owners in poly mailers or corrugated cardboard boxes. These are fairly basic options, but they're cheap and easy, and with a little extra effort, you can still make an impression on your customers. 

Consider including special goodies in your package as a fun surprise. You can also use interesting and unique packing and wrapping supplies like custom-printed tissue paper or bubble wrap. Another way to make your package stand out is to paint or decorate the outside to reflect your brand. 

Also, you don't always have to use a standard cube-shaped box. You can get creative with your packaging by using things like poster tubes or boxes made of different materials. You can get boxes or packing supplies in all different shapes, styles, and sizes to match your company's brand. 

Whatever you decide to use, make sure that your t-shirts are neatly folded or rolled to avoid wrinkles, and be sure they're safely sealed away. The last thing you want is for your customers to open a ripped, crumpled package. It will reflect really poorly on your company, so make sure your packages are pristine.

Packing Tips 

If you're not accustomed to shipping custom t-shirts, here are a few simple tips and ways to package t-shirts to help you along. 

First, don't overstuff the package. It's good to include some extra things inside, but you want to make sure it's both easy to ship and easy to open. Overstuffing can also lead to some of the items inside being damaged or broken. 

Make sure the package isn't too heavy, either. The lighter the package, the cheaper it is to ship. You can weigh it as you pack it to be sure that it stays under the weight limit. 

A great t-shirt packaging idea is to include extra treats and surprises in the package for the customer to discover while unboxing. These are always nice to receive and will leave a good taste in the customer's mouth. Some examples of this can include: 

  • Stickers
  • Buttons
  • Postcards
  • Small toys
  • Keychains
  • Pens or pencils
  • Candy
  • Playing cards
  • Balloons

Handwritten, personalized notes are also great to include. A customer will respond well to a thank-you note and will be more likely to keep giving you their business as a result. 

The most important thing to remember when packaging is to know your target audience and the kinds the things they would enjoy. Think about the design of your t-shirt and consider what else goes along with that theme. 

Using Packaging for Marketing 

There are a number of ways that your custom t-shirt packaging can be used for marketing. It's a great, subtle way to get your name out there and reach a wider customer base. 

One way to do this is to paste your brand logo right on the package itself. It's a good way to remind the customer about your company when they receive their package, and it will also help the logo stick out in their mind. You can also use your brand colors in the packaging to reinforce your brand identity. 

You can also ask for reviews on the receipt or on a small note. This shows customers that you're open to feedback and that you want to hear their opinions. Good customer reviews can also boost your business. 

Another good idea is to include a promo code or a coupon. Not only will this make the customer delighted, it will also increase your chances of getting more business from that customer in the future. 

Great Custom T-Shirt Packaging Examples

When learning how to package t-shirts, it's wise to check out other examples. You can draw inspiration from anywhere. Here are some ideas to get you started. 

One way to make your business stand out is to use a different material for your boxes. You can use rustic crates, PVC packages, or metal tins rather than cardboard. You can also use boxes that are designed to look like something else, like milk cartons, cereal boxes, or playing card decks. 

Another good idea is to use branded, reusable cloth bags instead of plastic ones. Not only is this more eco-friendly, but it also gives your customer a free item that is also a walking advertisement for you. 

It's a good idea to custom design your packages to match the theme of your t-shirts. For example, if you're selling children's clothing, make your packages vibrant and fun. They can even take the shape of a pizza box or a cupcake container. 

Package and Ship Your Own Custom T-Shirts 

The importance of t-shirt packaging can't be overstated. It's the first thing that your customers come into contact with, and it will set the tone for your company for the future. 

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