Why You Should Choose Tear-Away Tag T-Shirts to Grow Your Brand


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T-Shirts have come a long way since their rise in popularity through rock bands in the '60s.

Nearly every brand, company, influencer, church, and business has a T-shirt with a logo that tells people who they are and something they stand for. T-Shirt branding is an effective marketing technique to grow any successful business. 

But what makes a shirt memorable among all the other shirts lining their closets or folded in their drawers? Comfort and style win in the T-Shirt business, and we know exactly how to make your T-shirt comfortable and unique among the rest.

Do you want your fashion designs to be another one that gets thrown away and forgotten or one worn for years and seen by many?

Let us show you how tear-away tag shirts can help you stand out!

Establish Your Brand

When new companies establish themselves in the T-Shirt and apparel market, they must stand out from their competition in a memorable way. Users want to buy clothing not only for the look but also for the quality of what they are wearing.

Fabrics that are appropriate for what your buyer is wanting will help you appeal to the right clients. If sellers buy shirts geared towards athletes, a lightweight and breathable fabric will be easy to wear and cool to the skin.

If you want to know the best shirt style, know your audience. Tagless T Shirts are one way to create a satisfied customer. 

Create a Growing Brand

A brand should always seek to keep its customers satisfied. Suppose a buyer is happy with a product. In that case, they will likely continue to buy from a company and share their good experience. If a buyer is unhappy, they are likely to stop using a product and tell all their friends not to use that company either.

We want our customers to use top-quality fabrics with the best tagless shirts because we want your customers to love your products. Tear-away tags can be unique while also providing the necessary information.

Plus, your buyer won't be itchy. Growing your brand the tagless way is a win-win that will keep everyone happy.

Choose Tear-Away Tag Shirts

Many people dislike tags because they are irritating to the skin. They are a bothersome item that clothing owners often remove. After removing a label, the maker and brand of the shirt are forgotten and thrown out.

Tag removal

However, unlike the attached itchy tag, there are many benefits of tear-away tag shirts. This removable tag allows companies to design within that space. Removing these tags from shirts does not cause the fabric to have any damage.

Intact tags fade, tear and fold through wear or regular washing over time. On the other hand, tear-away tags provide more options that allow a long-term and comfortable label.

Types of Tear-Away Tag Shirts

We offer hundreds of the best types of blank T-shirts with Tear-away tags. We understand that our clients will favor varying products based on the T-shirts' intended wear, price point, color, and material. We provide shirts for a wide range of buying needs.

The Gildan T-Shirt

If you are looking for a heavy-weight cotton shirt, the Gildan G500 T-Shirt is the best option. These preshrunk fabrics come in many different colors and cuts. The shirts all have a tear-away tag option for many methods of tag printing.

A softer option is the 100% ringspun cotton Gildan G640. These threads are lightweight and soft to provide that provide comfort. However, the strong threads create heavy durability and a soft jersey knit. 

The Next Level T-Shirt

Next Level shirts come in men's, women's, girl's, youth's, and unisex sizing options. These shirts are a soft, mid-weight fabric blend of ring-spun cotton and polyester. These shirts are next level as they are a step up in comfortability from the Gildan shirt. Additionally, they come with a tear-away tag and are best for vinyl and screen printing.

The Bella+Canvas T-Shirt

These Bella + Canvas shirts are a combination of airlume ring-spun cotton and polyester. This makes the shirts breathable and one of the most lightweight fabrics. It also comes in different options of fabric combinations varying in percentages to match your specific business' needs.

These shirts come in unisex, women's, and youth sizing options in all sorts of cuts and colors. These shirts are best for vinyl and screen printing options.

Design Your Label

When designing a label for a tear-away tag, keep in mind the information that needs to be on your label. Once removed, companies can use the space of a tear-away tag to create an individualized design. Designers don't have to worry about an unnecessary and continual itch on the wearer.

You want to make sure the information is clear and in the small upper neck region of the shirt where it is easy to locate. You can use Placeit to assist with your design, if you do not have more advanced design programs.

Information To Include on Tagless Label

Ripped-out tags leave buyers confused about the company, fabric type, country of origin, and the shirt's size. When designing your label, you should add this information to a tagless label. This information provides essential details about certain materials or a specific size.

Include the Size

Depending on if a shirt size is youth, woman, man, or is unisex, the shirt cut is different. Include the sizing on the shirt to help the buyer find what size they need to buy.

What Fabric is Used

Specific threads are going to create varying shirt weights and feel. Some fabrics are lighter, and some are heavier.

Colder climates may look for a heavier shirt fabric, while warmer climate buyers may wear lighter materials.

Fabric type is what also determines how soft fabric will be. Heavier shirts often do not have the same level of softness as lighter fabrics. When looking for lightweight materials, look for a blend of cotton and polyester.

Certain fabrics can cause skin sensitivity, so it is essential to include the materials of the threads. Also, provide what percentage of that material makes up the shirt.

Include Your Brand

Use this space as a place to tell your buyers who you are. Include your company name and logo. When branding a product, let people notice your brand, logo, and design. Your design should be original and stand out. 

Every time a customer puts on that buttery-soft shirt and looks at the fabric blend, this will bring them back to your business name as well.

In a world of imperfect labels and itchy tags, be the cool label on a tagless T-shirt.

How To Print A Label

There are many methods of screen printing and transferring these tagless labels onto a shirt. Not every method is suitable for every fabric. Finding the right way to label the shirt will be important in the finished product.

1. Heat Pressing

This type of tag printing presses cut vinyl to a shirt using a method of heat transfer. This method is better for lighter colors on fabrics that do not include polyester. This method is also best for smaller quantities as it is a slower method of making tags.

2. Sublimation

This printing method is inexpensive, works on polyester, and will last as long as the shirt. However, it is not the best method for simple designs or cotton fabrics.

3. Direct To Garment Printing

When looking for high-quality, soft printed labels printed onto the fabric, this is the best route. This type of printing is more expensive and time-consuming and usually works best with cotton.

4. Screen Printing

Screen printing is one of the few transfer methods for any fabric. This method of creating tags is productive if the same label is on each shirt. The is not always the best way to label because designers must stick to a simple design with limited colors, and the cost may be high.

5. CAD Cut Vinyl

This method is for quick, inexpensive, and consistent printing for any size order. However, the equipment itself is expensive. The design must remain small, or it will likely become uncomfortable for the wearer. 

Tear-Away Tags

We know there are near limitless options for selecting the perfect materials and design of a shirt. 

Brands should strive to show off their logo in unique ways. A design that includes your own printed tag on the shirts, is the best idea to set your brand apart. 

We want to help you have the perfect product! Order tear-away tag shirts for your next shipment. You will be satisfied with all the positive feedback you receive about the quality of your design. 

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