Unlock Exclusive Benefits with's ADS+ Membership


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Unlock Exclusive Benefits with's ADS+ Membership

Are you a frequent shopper at, the go-to destination for blank apparel? If so, we have exciting news that could transform your shopping experience! Introducing ADS+, our exclusive membership program designed to offer you a plethora of benefits for just $29 a year. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the myriad of perks ADS+ offers, ensuring you make the most of your shopping experience with us.

What is ADS+?

ADS+ is a yearly subscription service available at For an annual fee of $29, members are entitled to a range of benefits that enhance their shopping experience, from shipping advantages to cashback rewards. This program is tailored for our loyal customers, aiming to provide them with the utmost convenience and value.

How to Join ADS+

Joining ADS+ is a breeze. 

  1. Simply log into your account on 

  2. You will be prompted to the my account section where you can click “Sign Up Now for $29/Year”. 

    1. Remember, ADS+ can only be purchased using a credit or debit card. Alternative payment methods like BNPL services, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, and Credit Key are not applicable for this membership.

The Perks of ADS+ Membership

Explore the Exclusive Perks of ADS+ Membership at

Joining the ADS+ membership program at unlocks a suite of premium benefits designed to enhance your shopping experience. Let's dive deeper into each of these perks to understand how they add value to your purchases of blank apparel.

1. Free FASTEST Shipping on All Orders

As an ADS+ member, you're entitled to our Free FASTEST Shipping on every order you place. This perk is particularly beneficial for those who need their blank apparel quickly, whether for a last-minute event, a business requirement, or a personal project.

- Value Analysis: Typically, this expedited shipping service is valued at a minimum of an additional $14.99 per order. By offering it for free, ADS+ significantly reduces your overall expenditure on frequent purchases.

- Upgrade on Shipping: Even if your order doesn't meet the criteria for Free Standard Economy Shipping, as an ADS+ member, you're automatically upgraded to the fastest shipping option available. This ensures that your orders arrive at your doorstep in the shortest possible time.

- Geographical Availability: It's important to note that this benefit is available exclusively for orders shipped within the Continental United States, catering to a broad range of our customers.

- Standard Economy Shipping Fee: While the upgrade to the fastest shipping is free, the Standard Economy Shipping fee remains applicable. This structure ensures that you always receive the best shipping option at the most economical rate.

2. Free Enhanced Product Protection

Every order you place benefits from our Free Enhanced Product Protection. This feature is designed to give you peace of mind with every purchase.

- Protection Value: The value of this protection varies with each order, depending on the specifics of the items purchased. This adaptive approach ensures that your products, regardless of their size or quantity, are covered under this protection scheme.

- Safeguarding Your Purchases: Whether it's a bulk order of t-shirts for a corporate event or a few items for personal use, this enhanced protection guards against potential issues during shipping and handling, ensuring that your products arrive in pristine condition.

3. Earn 1.5% ADSCash Back on All Orders

Our ADSCash back program is a standout feature of the ADS+ membership, rewarding you for every purchase you make.

- Cash Back Benefits: With a 1.5% cashback on all orders, you accumulate savings with each purchase. This is particularly advantageous for frequent buyers or those making large orders.

- Versatile Savings: The cashback you earn can be a significant amount over time, depending on your purchasing frequency and order sizes. This ongoing saving mechanism makes your shopping experience more economical in the long run.

- Seamless Accumulation: As you continue to shop, your ADSCash accumulates automatically, allowing you to redeem it on future purchases. This seamless process ensures that you can easily track and utilize your savings without any hassle.

The ADS+ membership at is more than just a subscription; it's a comprehensive package designed to enhance and economize your shopping experience. From the convenience and speed of Free FASTEST Shipping to the security of Enhanced Product Protection and the rewarding 1.5% ADSCash back on every order, ADS+ is tailored to offer maximum value to our customers. Whether you're a small business owner, a hobbyist, or someone in need of high-quality

Understanding the Subscription

- ADS+ is charged annually, and the subscription includes automatic billing. 

- Upon signing up, you'll be charged once per year unless you opt to cancel through    the ADS+ section in your account. 

- If you decide to cancel your subscription during the year, rest assured that your benefits will remain active until the end of your current subscription period.

Terms and Conditions

To enjoy ADS+ benefits, ensure you're logged into the account used for signing up. Orders placed outside this account will not be eligible for ADS+ perks, and AllDayShirts does not offer refunds for Shipping or Enhanced Product Protection, nor will it add ADSCash retrospectively.

AllDayShirts reserves the right to modify or disable the ADS+ membership at any time. 

Why Choose ADS+? Unveiling the Benefits

Transform Your Shopping Experience with ADS+

ADS+ membership at is not just a service; it's a transformative approach to your online shopping journey. This program is meticulously designed to enhance every aspect of your purchase, from browsing to the moment your order arrives at your doorstep.

A. Expedited and Reliable Shipping

- Speed and Efficiency: With the Free FASTEST Shipping perk, your orders are prioritized for the quickest delivery. This means less waiting and more immediate satisfaction, especially crucial for time-sensitive needs.

- Consistent Reliability: Knowing that each order will arrive swiftly and reliably removes the uncertainty and anxiety often associated with online shopping, especially when dealing with bulk or urgent orders.

B. Enhanced Product Protection

- Assured Quality on Arrival: The Enhanced Product Protection ensures that your items are more than just shipped quickly; they are also handled with utmost care. This means you receive your blank apparel in impeccable condition, ready for use or customization.

- Peace of Mind: This added layer of protection offers you peace of mind, knowing that your investment is safeguarded against potential shipping mishaps.

Maximizing Value with Cost-Effectiveness

The ADS+ membership, priced at an affordable $29 per year, is structured to offer more than it costs.

- Substantial Savings: The combined value of free fastest shipping, product protection, and ADSCash back can significantly outweigh the annual fee, especially for those who shop frequently or in bulk.

- Long-Term Benefits: Over the course of a year, the savings and benefits accumulate, making ADS+ an economically sensible choice for anyone from small business owners to hobbyists who regularly purchase blank apparel.

Unparalleled Convenience

ADS+ is tailored to streamline and simplify your shopping experience.

- Hassle-Free Orders: The convenience of having fast, protected shipping on every order means you spend less time worrying about logistics and more time focusing on your business or creative projects.

- Ease of Use: The ADS+ membership is easy to manage. With automatic renewal and straightforward cancellation options, it's designed to be user-friendly, ensuring that your focus remains on the enjoyable aspects of shopping.

- Adaptability to Your Needs: Whether you're making a one-time large order or frequent smaller purchases, the benefits of ADS+ adapt to your shopping pattern, providing consistent value regardless of how often you shop.


In summary, ADS+ at is more than just a subscription – it's a comprehensive enhancement to your shopping experience. It's designed for those who value their time and money, offering a blend of speed, protection, savings, and convenience. By choosing ADS+, you're not just buying a membership; you're investing in a smoother, more rewarding shopping journey.

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