Crafting Comfort: x Crafty Moms Collaboration


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Crafting Comfort: x Crafty Moms Collaboration

Introduction to the Collaboration

The perfect partnership has blossomed for creative spirits and craft-loving families!, a haven for high-quality apparel at unbeatable prices, has joined forces with Crafty Moms to bring a new dimension of fun and creativity to your wardrobe. Whether you're a DIY novice or a seasoned crafting connoisseur, our collaboration caters to all. With a special promo code and an exclusive CraftyMoms Collection, get ready to transform simple clothing into personalized treasures.

The Joy of Crafting with Apparel

There's a simple joy in crafting that's unmatched, especially when it involves transforming a plain white T-shirt into a work of art. AllDayShirts provides the perfect canvas for these transformations – their blank shirts and crafting essentials are beloved by the Crafty Moms community for their quality and versatility. From toddler tees to adult hoodies, their range ensures that every family member can flaunt their custom-made apparel with pride.

Exclusive CraftyMoms Promo Code for Savings

To sweeten the deal, we're thrilled to offer the “CRAFTYMOMS” promo code, granting a 10% discount on purchases from Delve into the world of crafting without fretting over expenses. Though some exclusions apply, this promo code opens the door to a world of affordable crafting possibilities.

Introducing the CraftyMoms Collection

We've meticulously curated a collection that encapsulates the essence of crafting. The CraftyMoms Collection on features popular items like the toddler-friendly Gildan G510P and the cozy Gildan G185B hoodie for youths – each piece is a crafting gem waiting to be discovered. Visit the website and explore this handpicked selection, conveniently accessible through the link in our bio.

Essential Items for Crafting from the Collection

In the heart of the CraftyMoms Collection, you'll find essentials such as the Rabbit Skins Toddler Fine Jersey T-Shirt 3321 and the ultra-comfortable Rabbit Skins Infant Baby Rib Bodysuit 4400. These items represent just a glimpse of the range available for your crafting adventures. Each product is chosen for its quality fabric, durability, and seamless finish – perfect for customizing with fabric paint, patches, and more.

Step-by-Step Thanksgiving Customization Guide with and Crafty Moms

Creating personalized Thanksgiving apparel can be a fun activity for the whole family, and it's made easy with high-quality shirts from and the creative inspiration of Crafty Moms. Here’s how you can create your own turkey hand/foot print designs, as featured on the Crafty Moms Instagram collaboration post.

  1. Gather Your Materials: Begin your crafting journey at, where you can select from a variety of plain shirts perfect for your project. Don't forget to use the "CRAFTYMOMS" promo code for a 10% discount on family favorites like the soft Gildan G510P for toddlers or the cozy Rabbit Skins Infant Baby Rib Bodysuit 4400. Arm yourself with fabric paint in autumnal shades – envision the hues of fall leaves and the Thanksgiving palette.

  1. Prep Your Workspace: Shield your crafting zone with old newspapers or a plastic tarp to catch any paint spills. Spread out the shirts, making sure there’s ample space for each person to apply their prints without crowding.

  1. Paint the Feet and Hands: Choose a fall color scheme for your turkey. Apply a generous coat of brown paint to the sole of one foot to form the turkey's body. Then, paint each hand with a different color on the fingers to represent the vibrant feathers.

  1. Create the Footprint Turkey Body: Carefully press the painted foot onto the shirt's center to leave a footprint. For best results, keep the foot still for a few moments to ensure a full print. Then, lift directly upwards to avoid smudging.

  1. Add the Handprint Feathers: While the footprint is drying, use your painted hands to create the feathers. Position the handprints around the footprint, with fingers extended to resemble the turkey's plumage. Repeat with different colors if desired.

  1. Paint the Facial Features: Once your turkey body and feathers are in place and dry, it's time to bring your bird to life. Dip your fingers or crafting tool in black, orange, and red paint to add eyes, a beak, and a wattle. You might find it easier to practice on paper first or use a mirror to apply the paint with precision.

  1. Let it Dry: Set your masterpiece aside to dry thoroughly. The time required can vary based on the type of fabric paint used, so check the label for guidance.

  1. Set the Design: Ensure your turkey design will last by setting the paint according to the manufacturer's instructions, which may include ironing over the design or allowing it to cure.

  1. Show Off Your Work: Once your turkey T-shirts are complete, it’s time to show them off. Snap a family photo in your newly created Thanksgiving attire and post it on social media. Tag @crafty.moms and @alldayshirts, and share your craft inspired by Crafty Moms' innovative Instagram post.

To get started on your Thanksgiving crafting adventure, visit the homepage and click on the banner to find the CraftyMoms landing page. There, you'll find all the items used by Crafty Moms for their crafts, ensuring your family can enjoy the same quality and fun.

This Thanksgiving, make more than just a meal – create memories and keepsakes that your family will treasure for years to come. With the help of AllDayShirts and the creativity of CraftyMoms, your holiday is set to be filled with joy, color, and the spirit of togetherness.

Crafting a Thanksgiving Full of Gratitude and Creativity.

Crafting a Thanksgiving Full of Gratitude and Creativity

As we wrap up this guide to a crafty Thanksgiving, let's reflect on what makes this holiday so special. It's not just the delicious feast or the parade floats gliding through the sky; it's the heartfelt traditions and the new memories created with loved ones. This year, AllDayShirts and CraftyMoms have provided a unique way to celebrate — by combining the warmth of family activities with the joy of DIY.

By following the steps outlined in our blog, inspired by CraftyMoms' innovative Instagram post, you can transform simple garments from AllDayShirts into personalized keepsakes. Use the "CRAFTYMOMS" promo code to bring home the essentials from the CraftyMoms Collection at a great price, ensuring your Thanksgiving is not only stylish but also smart and budget-friendly.

With a few clicks on, easily accessible via the home page banner, the door opens to an array of quality apparel ready for your Thanksgiving creativity. Whether it's the softness of a toddler's tee or the snug fit of a youth hoodie, these garments are waiting to be adorned with your family's personal touch.

So, as the leaves continue to fall and Thanksgiving approaches, we invite you to embrace this season of gratitude with a splash of color and a dash of imagination. Share your crafted masterpieces with us, and let the world see what makes your family's celebration unique. AllDayShirts is proud to be a part of your holiday tradition, offering a platform where memories are made, one crafty design at a time.

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours — may your holiday be filled with love, laughter, and the satisfaction of creating something truly special.

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