D.I.Y. According to your Astrological Sign! (June 2021 Edition)

D.I.Y. According to your Astrological Sign! (June 2021 Edition)

Posted by All Day Shirts on 6/4/2021 to Printing Business Tips

The month of June is upon us so you know what that means! New star and planetary alignments to create a new and unique horoscope for all astrological signs. With new developments and personality traits being experienced in your life that of course means your creative interests will be affected as well. 

That’s why we provided some unique D.I.Y projects to try and experiment with for each sign based on your June monthly horoscope. Be sure to check out your sign’s D.I.Y. project and share with a family member or friend so they can express their creative sides as well.

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

Being the first zodiac sign, you are constantly taking the path less traveled and that has really started to take a toll on your mind and spirit. It’s time for a recharge. With the lover planet Venus entering the serene Cancer on Wednesday, June 2nd, it’s the perfect opportunity to disconnect from the world and share an intimate and care-free day with a loved one. Spend the first half of the month doing rewarding and stress-free D.I.Y. projects such as T-Shirt Sublimation Printing. 

However, come Friday, June 11th when the bold Leo is entered by your ruling sign Mars, be prepared to burst onto the scene with nothing but confidence. Wear those custom t-shirts you made with pride and swagger and don’t settle for anything but the best. After June 11th, everyday for the rest of June should be about hustling whether that's expanding your business, demanding a raise at work, or taking someone that you have been eyeing for a while on a date. Be bold but calculated, as an Aries always is.

Project: T-Shirt Sublimation Printing

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Tutorial: How to Sublimate a T-Shirt in 10 Minutes

Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

June has arrived Taurus! After a month mostly dedicated to self-care it’s time to focus on those around you. Use this month to carefully reevaluate those in your social circle and decide if you are getting back what you give or are engaging in some unhealthy relationships. 

Wednesday, June 2nd is the perfect opportunity to assess those around you as you can invite your friends over to spend some time doing a D.I.Y. project that takes minimal attention such as making t-shirt flower rings. This is so more effort can be spent socializing and observing. June 2nd is significant because on this day your ruling planet Venus is entering the creative Cancer so it’s the perfect moment to take charge of your social life while engaging in a creative task.

However, fear not Taurus, the month will not be solely dedicated to breaking off unhealthy relationships and forming new ones. Spend the later days of the month looking back and cherishing some of the special moments you’ve had with your friends. On Friday, June 25 the dreamy planet Neptune goes retrograde which will invoke much nostalgia, so take your friends out for dinner at your usual spot and reflect on some of the great moments you all shared together. 

Project: D.I.Y. T-Shirt Flower Rings

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Tutorial: How to Make a Ring Out of a T-Shirt

Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

Expect the month of June to be a big one as a Gemini. As the sign possessing some of the most charm and social ability, the Mercury retrograde had adverse effects on your ability to communicate last month. You may have found yourself making frequent typos, saying things you didn’t mean, or messaging the wrong person by accident. But don’t worry, the Mercury retrograde will end on Tuesday, June 22 and so too will your communication errors.

In addition to the restoration of one of your key traits as a Gemini, June will also be a month of experiencing long overdue success. This is because Venus, a planet symbolic of money and abundance, is entering sweet and caring Cancer on Wednesday, June 2nd symbolising that you might find yourself having a business breakthrough, a raise at your job, or receiving an unexpected sum of money. Use some of the month to celebrate these great achievements by stimulating your creative side. Making D.I.Y. Braided T-Shirt Headbands are a great way to commemorate your recent achievements and remind you to stay focused and keep moving forward when looking into the mirror in the future.

Project: D.I.Y. Braided T-Shirt Headbands

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Tutorial: How to Make a Braided Headband from a Recycled T-Shirt

Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

For you Cancer, the month of June will be one of affection and action with several astrological events representative of love and initiative occuring. On Wednesday, June 2nd the planet of love Venus will enter the affectionate Cancer sign. Nine days later on Friday, June 11 the bold Leo is entered by Mars, a planet of action. And nine days later from that on Sunday, June 20th Cancer season begins!

With all of these events compounded on one another June will surely be a big month for your romantic life. Whether that’s initiating the next step in a relationship, meeting your soul-mate, or ending a toxic relationship on your own terms you will be deciding how your love life is played out, not someone else. With that being said, as a month filled with affection it’s important to show your appreciation for a loved one with a hand-made gift. Creating a D.I.Y. Valentine’s Style Shirt is the perfect task for that.

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Heart Shirt

Leo (July 23 - August 22)

Few signs have been tortured by quarantine and the social distancing precautions that have occurred over the past year as much as Leos. Fiery in nature, you have been eager to get back and experience everything the world has to offer as you did before the COVID-19 outbreak. With the vaccine rolling out and many regulations now being uplifted, the passion in your blood is pumping harder than ever. Particularly on Thursday, June 10th when a solar eclipse occurs the stakes will be high as you approach life with a high risk high reward mindset. 

Either way, you will be going through this month with your head down and more persistent than ever. With this in mind, you will want to be partaking in bold tasks and challenges even when accessing your creative side in your spare time. That makes getting started in Screen Printing the perfect D.I.Y. project as it can be a bit challenging but is as rewarding as it gets when you see your design make its way onto your custom shirts.

Project: Screen Printing

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Tutorial: How to Screen Print T-Shirts at Home

Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

June will be a step out of the comfort zone for you as a Virgo. For someone who is usually very single-minded, focused, and timid you will find yourself becoming much more spontaneous. This is due to events such as a new moon in Gemini on Thursday, June 10th and especially the entering of the intense Mars into the confident Leo and your 12th House of the Unconscious on Tuesday, June 11th.

This spontaneity will lead to new friendships, new hobbies, and maybe even new directions in life, especially with the uplifting of many COVID restrictions. Romantically, you may find yourself taking your partner on interesting dates or taking dating prospects out on unique first experiences together. Creatively, you’ll want to try something completely outside of the box that you have never seen or heard of before. A great D.I.Y. project for this case is creating a Knotted Lampshade. It may seem a bit shady, but it actually adds a lot of vibrance and character to a feature of your room that may have been very bland previously. See for yourself!

Project: D.I.Y. Knotted Lampshade

Product: Gildan Adult Heavy Blend Adult 8 oz 5050 Fleece Crew (G180)

Tutorial: DIY Macrame Lamp Shade Tutorial

Libra (September 23 - October 22)

Welcome to June Libra! Prepare for a smooth and relaxing month filled with relaxation and being taken care of. When the planet Venus enters your 1st House of Self early on in the month you should find yourself being treated by a partner or friend. Whether that’s being made dinner, getting taken out for drinks, or getting a massage, this event is a reminder that you deserve nice things too.

Especially be sure to take it easy on Thursday, June 10th when a solar eclipse occurs as eclipse events tend to bring out social drama and chaos. As we all know, just one bad day can ruin a string of good days so there’s no need to spoil your month of relaxation and pampering by even coming close to exposing yourself to drama. Try filling your time on this day with a fun D.I.Y. project as it’s still important to keep your mind stimulated even when you’re taking it easy. The perfect relaxing D.I.Y. project for the month of June as a Virgo is making a t-shirt quilt. It’s easy to do and you get a nifty quilt to keep yourself comfy with as you continue to cool down for the remainder of the month.

Project: D.I.Y T-Shirt Quilt

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Tutorial: How to Make a T-Shirt Quilt in 4 Easy Steps

Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

In the prime of summer, June will be an extremely productive and constructive month for the already determined and ambitious Scorpio. When one of your ruling planets Mars enters the energetic Leo on Friday, June 11th you will feel sudden prolonged bursts of energy to get whatever it is you're working on finished and away with in order to quickly move onto the next task. Since your 10th House of Social Status is also entered by the bold Mars on this day your confidence will be sky high and you may find yourself actively seeking out partners, upgrading relationships, or organizing get-togethers for all of your friends.

Being the month of June, the Summer Solstice will also be taking place, specifically on Sunday, June 20th. This will be one of the busiest days of the year for you by choice as your energy levels will be extremely high on the longest day of the year. You may want to invite some friends over for some fun outdoor activities and spend the day bathing in the bliss and abundance of the sun. Making D.I.Y. tank tops with friends would be a perfect creative activity to partake in on this day as you get a great summer outfit as a reward!

Project: D.I.Y. Summer Tank Tops

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Tutorial: How to Make a T-Shirt Tank Top

Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

With the world coming back to normal it’s easy to dive right back into being the outgoing social creature that you were allowed to be before the pandemic, Sagittarius. However, with some very intense astrological events such as the solar eclipse on Thursday, June 10th and the beginning of Jupiter’s retrograde on Sunday, June 20th it will be important to take on this transition with caution and close attention. Specifically, the Jupiter retrograde will have you wanting to err on the side of caution as Jupiter is one of your ruling planets and is a planet symbolic of luck. So, just be attentive to who you’re interacting with as you inevitably socialize and meet new people.

With that being said, the Summer Solstice also occurs this month which is the perfect opportunity to satisfy your social cravings as an extrovert. Dancing is typically associated with the longest day of the year so consider safely throwing a party filled with great music for you and your friends who are vaccinated. And why not entertain your creative side by making a stylish outfit that looks great when dancing like a D.I.Y. Fringe Cut-Out T-Shirt. It will be sure to turn some heads and you will feel accomplished by the fact that you made it yourself.

Project: D.I.Y. Fringe Cut-Out T-Shirt

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Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

For you Capricorn, during the month of June you will be taking on a little different lifestyle compared to previous months. First, this is because for someone who is very ambitious and persistent (sometimes a bit tunnel-visioned) you’ll begin to realize that you may have been neglecting your physical and mental health a bit around Thursday, June 10th when the sun and moon meet in your 6th House of Health and Wellness. You’ll begin to consider necessary recharges despite being someone that usually is relentless and refuses breaks.

On Monday, June 14th, Saturn, a planet symbolic of commitment, will form a “square” with Uranus, a planet representative of rebelliousness. At this moment, Saturn will be occupying the free-spirited Aquarius while Uranus will be occupying the stable Taurus which will create some contradictions in your life. You may find yourself experiencing some unusual emotions or having sudden urges to do things that you had no interest in previously. This would be a great time to try a D.I.Y. project that is way outside of the box so you can satisfy these urges and go back to your primary task at hand as a Capricorn tends to want to do. There are plenty of unique D.I.Y. projects out there,but one in particular that peaked our interest was cutting out custom designs onto T-Shirts.

Project: D.I.Y. Cut T-Shirt Designs

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Tutorial: 19 Best Cut T-Shirt Designs

Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

June will be a pleasurable month for you, Aquarius. For most of the month the sun and Mercury will be located in your Fifth House of Recreation and Romance. That means you might expect yourself to be enjoying a current relationship a lot more than usual or possibly starting a new relationship in the near future. 

You may even feel inclined to make some big commitments in these relationships or in other life matters, specifically around Friday, June 11th when the bold Mars enters your 7th House of Partnership. Do be wary of making any big commitments however, as the messenger planet Mercury is still in retrograde until June 22nd so communicating these commitments to partners may come off in the wrong way. So, be sure to stay patient and wait until June 22nd as not only will communication start to become more direct, but also you will have more time to think about your commitments. 

Working on something creative while thinking to yourself is an excellent way to look at things in different perspectives which is essential to making good decisions. Consider trying out Tie-Dye as something to do in your spare time until Mercury Retrograde ends as it’s a D.I.Y. project that requires minimal attention while still engaging your creative side.

Project: D.I.Y. Tie Dye T-Shirts

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Tutorial: How to Tie-Dye T-Shirts: 6 Easy Methods DIY

Pisces (February 19 - March 20)

Welcome to the month of June, Pisces! Being as creative as you are, this will be a very good month to find some alone time and work on some personal projects. That’s because your ruling planet Neptune goes retrograde this month on Friday, June 25th. It’s typical to find yourself becoming much more introverted when Neptune is in retrograde and lacking interest in socializing with many people. Do try to be mindful and polite towards others, however, as with the pandemic coming to a close you will likely find yourself interacting with more people than previously.

Don’t worry though, there is still plenty of time to have to yourself being spent in introspection and exploring your creative side. Some more lengthy D.I.Y. projects with a bit of a learning curve would be well-suited for the month of June. We recommend trying to learn some graphic design and using it for Heat Transfer Vinyl T-Shirt printing. The graphic design aspect can be a little bit challenging at first but it is nothing that a Pisces can’t handle, and you can turn it into a business opportunity.

Project: Heat Transfer Vinyl T-Shirt Printing

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Tutorial: Getting Started With Heat Transfer Vinyl T-Shirt Printing